What We Do.

Initially organized as a faith based charity at Christ Lutheran Church in Newburgh NY in 2016, the needs of families across Orange County was quickly apparent. Baby Steps Baby Pantry reorganized with in independent Board of Directors and was recognized by the I.R.S. as a 501 (3)(C) not-for-profit organization. Baby Steps Baby Pantry INC. is incorporated under the laws of the State of New York.

We provide diapers and related health care products in Newburgh and eastern Orange County.

Port Jervis in western Orange. Distribution takes place at a monthly curbside/walk up in Newburgh. Additionally, our social service agency partners also distribute diapers and product to families across Orange County. Families are referred by area social service agencies.

  • % of Funding from Small Donations

  • % of Donations Used to Purchase Diapers and supplies

Dry Diapers Matter image

Our goal for all families in Orange County, NY Dry, Healthy Babies

Working with community based organizations, Baby Steps Baby Pantry shopping bags contain a weeks supply of diapers, wipes, wash and diaper cream. They are helping families from Newburgh to Port Jervis.

Dry Diapers Matter

"When I go to work, I need to have diapers to drop off with him at my sisters house. If I run low, he's changed less often and that is so troubling to think about. Baby Steps Baby Pantry's generosity helps us with an extra weeks supply every month. Thank-you!"