Baby Steps Adds Text to Give for Mobile Giving

What can we not do from our phones,  which often aren’t used for making phone calls any more! They are very portable computers in every sense and check your data sometime and you might be shocked by how many text messages you send and receive in a month.

Given this, and that text works even when you can’t get enough bars on your phone to make a call, we now have our own  text to give number. Simply type in the phone number, (845) 253-9290, then in the message box, put in a dollar amount $10 or higher. You will be linked right to our encrypted donation system at Halo Pays (great name for a firm that supports web commerce back ends for faith based institutions, right?)

And to answer a question brought up by a Baby Steps Baby Pantry fan at Riverfest in Cornwall June 2, yes you can set up an automatic monthly contribution using  text to give.

Thanks for the question!